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We offer a professional Dry Cleaning environment that is one of the most advanced in its industry. Our methods are: non-toxic, environmentally safe, and gentle on your clothes.  All this for prices lower than most traditional cleaners!



Dry Clean 101

What does it mean to have your clothes dry cleaned? In spite of the name, it's not completely dry. It’s the use of chemical solvents to remove soils and stains from fabrics. It’s called "dry cleaning" because the solvents contain little to no water.

The process begins with the pretreatment of spots and stains using special cleaning agents. The dry cleaner then loads the clothes into a machine resembling an oversized front loading washer, which uses similar mechanical actions to loosen dirt. Throughout the cleaning process, a constant flow of distilled solvent is pumped into the drum to keep soil from resettling on the clothes. Excess dirt gets trapped in multiple layers of filtration. The garments are then dried in the same machine and the end result is a batch of clean-odorless clothes!


Is Dry Cleaning Good For Clothes?

A study conducted at UNC's Department of Clothing & Textiles tested samples of woolen fabrics for change after dry cleaning. The study found that even after ten cycles, there were no significant changes in the fabric such as loss of strength or resilience. These findings confirm that dry cleaning is not harmful, and in fact prolongs the life of the clothing by removing stains that can act as an abrasive, wearing away textile fibers.