Ways to Dewrinkle Your Clothes Without The Iron

Taking out the iron every time there’s a wrinkle that needs to be removed can be tiresome. Luckily there are many different methods you can use for spot checking wrinkles on the fly. Here are a few that are pretty easy to follow.

Method 1: The Dryer
This is the simplest way to get a few wrinkles out with little effort. Simply toss a few garments straight into the dryer. You should either spray each item or put in a damp towel along with them to help create steam. Don’t put in a full load because the clothes need physical space to breathe. Try to keep it to five articles of clothing or less and keep an eye on the timer. They should only be in the dryer for about 10 minutes. Make sure you get them out immediately or they may re-wrinkle while sitting in the dryer.

Method 2: The Shower
If you don’t have a dryer readily available, the shower is your best bet. Simply hang your clothes over a curtain rod (make sure the rod is clean before hand), and let them hang while you take a shower. The steam will fill the room and help your clothing relax. This method is a little tricky because you don’t want to splash water onto your clothes, but if you are the type to take long, hot showers, this is a way to knock out two birds with one stone.

Method 3: Damp Towel
For this method, each article of clothing will require its own towel (maybe even two for a dress). Simply lay the garment over a flat surface i.e. a bed or a clean table. Then lay the damp towel straight on top and smooth it out with your hands. The towel can be recently used, but it should be a relatively fresh and clean one. This process will take a little longer than the other two and may require some drying time afterwards.

Be advised that different fabrics will yield different results and wait times. Hopefully these methods will work for you the next time you’re in a bind or a bout of laziness.

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