5 Steps To Make Laundry Day Easier

1. Sort first, wash second
Any person who runs a household knows that sorting laundry can seem like a chore on its own! To speed up the process, ask the family to pitch in. Keep divided sorters for lights and darks, and have separate baskets or bins. When it’s time to toss in a load, keep the items that shed, like towels, away from garments that attract lint, like corduroy pants.

2. Pre-treat for days
When you spill coffee on your favorite blouse, there’s no time to remove a fresh stain before work. But don’t let the stain set in while you’re at the office. Instead, try a pre-treater that’s safe to use up to several days before you wash, such as 

3. Go easy on the dryer
After your top-load washing machine is finished, run another spin cycle. This squeezes out excess water, so the dryer won’t have to work as hard, shaving minutes off the process. If you have a front-load machine, achieve the same effect by sending laundry through the drain and spin cycle, set to the highest setting.

4. Size matters
Overloading the dryer adds precious minutes to the clock, as the machine has to work longer. On the other hand, a too-small load means clothing may cling to the drum rather than tumble easily.

5. Skip ironing
To avoid ironing, remove clothes from the dryer immediately; hang shirts and pants to prevent wrinkles.

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