Green Clean

100% Perc-Free

Our commitment to being green starts with our 100% Perchloroethylene-Free Dry Cleaning process. We take our commitment to being your Greener cleaner very seriously, while ensuring we offer the best results for all your garments. Our cleaning process is not only better for your health, but it also cares for the air and water around us. We do all this without sacrificing our ability to truly clean your clothes, something that many other cleaners can’t boast about.

Hanger Recycling

Discount Cleaners recycles and reuses metal hangers. You can help by simply bringing in your extra metal hangers along with your next batch of clothes, and we’ll take it from there.

Garment Bag Recycling

The garment bags we use in packaging your clean clothes are recyclable! Please recycle as you do all other plastics at home, or include used bags with your next batch of clothes and we’ll recycle them for you.